WyoCity™ Brand Toolkit

Whenever possible, use the full color version of the lockup, which includes the gradients seen here. Never use a WyoCity™ lockup less than one and a half inches (1.5”) wide. When you need to reproduce the WyoCity™ brand in a small space, use the offical wordmark instead.
Use the WyoCity™ word mark whenever a simpler presentation of the brand is desired, or when use of the lockup is prohibited due to space or size constraints. Individuals and organizations may also use the word mark as the basis for brand-centric art projects and personal expression provided they retain the same basic shape of the letters AND demonstrate juxtaposition of materials, ideology or visual styles.
Professional organizations that wish to leverage the WyoCity™ brand are encouraged to create their own “partner alternative” lockup. Here, you see an example of the logo created by the Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Such lockups may be used for signage, apparel, stationary, websites and more. Partner alternative logos must retain all elements of the WyoCity™ brand as presented in the template provided. Please note that all partner alternative lockup logos are subject to the same CLEAR SPACE, MINIMUM SIZE and COLOR PALETTE rules described on page 10 of the WyoCity™ Brand Guidelines document.

Full-Color Partner Alternative Lockup

Single-Color Casper Word Mark (Blue)

Single-Color Casper Word Mark (Black)

Single-Color Casper Word Mark (White)